* Hair Loss Grades are the standard Norwood classes

* Estimate Costs is an approximate figure.

Full Density & Camouflage Density

  • The normal density of a non‐bald hair is about 90 grafts /sq.cm
  • The baldness becomes visible only if the density falls below 45 grafts( follicular units) / sq.cm
  • What this also means is, to achieve a full density look, one needs only 45 follicullar units/ sq.cm
  • Fuller Density: In fuller density method about 45 grafts are placed per sq.cm. This density is actually half the density of normal density, but still gives a fuller look, as discussed previously.
  • Camouflage Density: In a camouflage density, 20‐25 grafts (follicullar units) are implanted per sq.cm.
  • So, there won't be a fuller look, though once the hair length goes above 8cms, the hair can cover/camouflage the existing bald area. This method is done for those who either don't have a sufficient area or have budget constraints.