Warm friendly smile always makes social communication easy.Lips play main role in it.Every face is different so are the lips.

Many people believe that their lips are too big, and want them reduced. Many younger patients are often conscious about having larger than average lips and are sometimes teased by their classmates. Although one should wait until the to have their lip size reduced due to maturing of the facial features.In our society ethnicaly lower lip is larger than upper upperlip,which is often not liked by may.Your smile is part of your personality. The curve of our lips and the look of our teeth reveal

our feelings and expressions. An attractive smile therefore helps improve one's image and self-confidence.

This procedure really isn't incredibly invasive but there are risks and complications so please read through all of the information.

What Is Lip Reduction?

Lip Reduction is the procedure to remove excess lip tissue to reduce the appearance of overly large lips. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The procedure takes only about 30 to 45 minutes and takes about one week to heal. Swelling can be an issue so please know this beforehand. Although a fairly simple procedure.

Preparing for Your Surgery

You should get following list of lab test from nearby pathology laboaratory. Routine investigations

- Haemogram, BT, CT, Blood Group, Blood Sugar level fasting, Elisa test & Urine-routine.

Above tests should cost Rs.1000-1500.Patient can get it done from nearby laboratory before planning surgery. Additional Tests may be advised by doctor if necessary.

How a Lip Reduction is Performed

Lip/Lips are marked & photograhed

Once inside operation theatre, lips are anesthetised & wedge shaped tissue & strip of vermilion[dry skin] is removed to give better shape with radio frequency instrument.Wound is sutured

with absorbable material which gets absorbed within few days.


Some swelling,bruising & pain will persist for 3-4 days.Please take medicines regularly to avoid discomfort.


Liquid/fruit juice/cold milk-curds for 2-4 days


Although  all surgery have risks and complications. With lip reduction, these include allergic reaction to the anesthetic used and infection. There is the chance of asymmetry, hematoma, cyst formation  infection,. Numbness is possible , it usually subsides within the first few weeks.


Some of us have very thin lips with no definition. This may be due to genetics, aging or smoking. Tissue degrades as we age and definition is lost over the years. Most of us want more defined, fuller lips which are smooth, wrinkle-free and youthful. Lip shapes and lip prints are like fingerprints - no two are alike. However there are common lip shape categories and their accompanying complaints.

Lip augmentation uses a variety of materials to create fuller-looking lips, and lip augmentation material also reduce wrinkles in the mouth area. Temporary solutions for lip augmentation are achieved through fillers and fat injections.


In my practice I use routenly Esthelis,restalyne & Juvederm.Usually i cc of filler is adequate for single lip.Procdure requires 15 minutes & results last for 6-8 months.Very quick,very safe procedure with immidiate results.

Fat Injections

Injecting processed fat from your own body into lips is equally good & long lasting augumentation.This procedure is invasive & 1-3 days down time is possible.Repeat fat injection may be required afte 3 months for touchup.