Dr.Chaudhari gets patients mainly with the complaint Of

  • 1.Difficulty to retract skin & clean the glance
  • 2.Painful sexual act
  • 3.Religious ritual
  • 4.cosmetic reasons

The procedure is done under local anesthesia & requires 30-4minutes to complete. .Clinic stay is just 2-3 hours.No admission is required.The foreskin is slid back along the shaft and a freehand cut is made around the shaft as far back as the scar line is to be placed. The foreskin is returned to cover the glans and another cut is made around the shaft at the same position along its length as the first. A longitudinal cut is made between the two circumferential ones and the strip of skin removed. The edges are pulled together and sutured. Speical care is taken during surgery for proper alignment of skin-mucosal edges & fine suturing to get best cosmetic results.The glans and frenulum are not protected. The frenulum can be included in the main cutting or can be cut separately if desired.Small wraparound dressing is given.Patient may join work immidiately or after 1-2 days.Antibiotics & pain killers are prescribed for seven days.Sexual abstinence for four weeks is essential. Cosmeticaly results are satisfying withoutany signs of surgery.Although complications are very rare,dehiscence of wound,infection are possible.