Penis fat injection

Fat grafting has been performed for over 100 years but the use of purified liquid fat cells removed by liposuction has been in clinical use for just over 10 years. The survival of grafted fat cells whether in the liquid or solid state is unpredictable. Be it so, most plastic surgeons feel that autografts are superior to synthetic substances whenever possible.


  • What is fat injection?

    Fat injection is a surgical procedure which autografts fat (a patient's own cells) from one location in the body to another. Fat cells are very delicate but many survive the liposuction process. Those that do, can be reinjected to a new recipient site. Human research, for non penis regions, has shown that approximately 30% of the cells obtain circulation and live. But no data is available for penis fat autografting, as this would require amputation and analysis. It appears though, that because the penis has excellent circulation and the skin is elastic that more than a 30% survival rate can be obtained. In fact, one treatment may be sufficient for some patients.

  • What volume can be injected?

    The volume depends upon the donor site (lean patients have scant fat available for grafting) and the area that is going to be augmented. Grafting a thin layer rather than a large bolus will enhance cell survival. It is therefore recommended that the procedure be repeated several times for those wanting a major increase.

  • Why use fat?

    A patient's own cells are the safest means of enlarging the girth of the penis. Synthetic material like paraffin and liquid silicone have had disastrous results in the past and are illegal to use in North America. Lean patients can elect to have dermal-fat grafting, but this procedure is more costly and riskier.

  • Can the head of the penis be enlarged?

    No. The head of the penis contains erectile tissue and fat should not be injected into this tissue as it might damage it. The fat is injected into the subcutaneous region of the shaft and does not affect the stiffness when the corpora are engorged.

  • Is the surgery painful?

    No. It is performed under local anesthesia. A mild sedative may be given prior to the procedure if the patient does not drive after discharge for at least 8 hours.

  • What are the risks

    No surgery is risk free. Fat injection is very safe. You can not be allergic to your own cells. Infection is possible but antibiotics are taken pre and post-op. Bruising and swelling are normal. The biggest problem is obtaining symmetry or evenness, but careful molding at the end of surgery and the possibility of future touch-ups make this less of a concern. Risks are outlined in detail in the Special Consent to Fat Injection Surgery.

  • How long should you be off work?

    One day is usually sufficient. Strenuous work should be avoided for a 7-10 days.

  • How long should you refrain from sexual activities?

    It is best to give the new cells at least 3-4 weeks to heal. Early sexual activity might cause them to shift to an unwanted location.

  • Can penis lengthening & fat injection be done at the same time?