The fact that men have quite specialized needs and requirements in their work and personal life means that special things really need be done for their skin care as well. Men require more natural, masculine, and most important, efficient alternatives to what is generally available nowadays. Men want skin care and products that really make a difference, look good, are natural, and quick and easy to use. The concept of "dress for success" is well accepted among men. You spend a fortune on clothes, shoes, hairstyles and bodybuilding, while the face remains the most critically overlooked component of your overall appearance. Making a man's face look better is about enhancing handsome features and covering imperfections. This means aggressive skin care treatment through medical grade services, a home program, and concealers where needed. Concealers are just what the name implies and not really makeup. Nevertheless, don't be turned off by the word makeup even though this may be unappealing. It shouldn't be. It has been moved from a private activity practiced behind the locked bathroom doors of men everywhere, to something now conspicuously common and very well accepted. There are some ways shaving can be improved as well. Men now account for one in four patients having cosmetic surgery and we see this in our practice. Our office has a clear focus on the needs and expectations of men and their skin, whether or not they are having cosmetic surgery. We are dedicated to a thorough skin education, making you look younger and preserving these features. Men are unique because:

  • Oily Skin: A man's skin is just different. Men have oilier skin, and that situation must be addressed. It is necessary to remove excess oils from the skin without irritating it.
  • Large Pores: This is related to oilier skin. There are things that can be done to lessen or virtually eliminate these. It keeps pores clear and skin healthy. A good cleansing is essential for exfoliation and healthy, clean skin. Cleansing products should be as chemical-free as possible. Certain soaps with harsh ingredients, deodorants and some detergents shouldn't be used on your face. These may irritate your skin and will clog your pores. Deep cleansing services and the correct cleansing products are important. Our esthetician needs to customize this for you and your skin.
  • Hair: Unsightly growth in the nose and ears as well as the eyebrows, chin and cheeks may need specialized removal including tweezer or wax removal.
  • Daily shaving: Not only is a man's skin oilier, but thicker and shaved on a regular basis. Shaving creates all kinds of problems such as red bumps, ingrown hairs and irritated skin patches. These require special attention for treatment and prevention. Shaving is also a big plus. It exfoliates your skin so that there is better penetration of products and thus, better results.
  • Skin Cancer: Men have to face the increasing possibility of skin cancer. The ozone layer is depleting, and the sun is more damaging than ever before. Skin cancer rates are higher among men than women. Better awareness and surveillance for this is important.
  • Dry Skin: Even though men's skin is usually oily, there may be some dry areas, particularly in the winter. To treat a dry skin area, use a light facial moisturizer. Men should avoid any aftershave products with an alcohol base, which actually dries the skin. Moisturizing is a necessity. You need a product matched to your skin with the least amount of chemical additives. Always use a light moisturizer on your face after cleansing and shaving and don't forget your neck.
  • Eyelids: Men often have sagging bushy eyebrows, dark circles, and wrinkled and puffy eyelids. These can all be treated and improved both surgically and non-surgically. Creams are available to nicely soften all of these features. For severe dark circles, a concealer may be required.
  • Blemishes and Discoloration: In addition to our goals of making the skin clean and smooth, the other primary objective here is to balance the skin tone. This can be achieved by covering any discolored areas with a light concealer. Typical problem areas could be blemishes, broken capillaries (especially around the nose), scars or razor burns.
  • Lifestyle: Men do not want to spend a lot of time for services or using home products if they don't work. For this reason we carefully plan and customize your treatment so that what time you spend is effective and giving you the result you want. Many programs are very time efficient and use once a day creams so that products go on before and after you shave and while in the shower.

We Recommend

  • A thorough and customized skin consultation in our office where we have special interest and expertise in treating men and their skin. This is necessary to understand your skin and specific skin anatomy and develop a treatment plan.
  • As skin ages, it needs to work harder to maintain its elasticity. Products with glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids work best for this. These acids in therapeutic facials and chemical peels actually can reduce the pore size, and help avoid ingrown hairs. They are aggressive and have quick results. These need to be combined with the appropriate services and shaving routines.
  • All types of skin need to be exfoliated and mostly the thicker and bearded skin typical in men. This is the removal of the upper layer of dead skin cells that form daily. This is an essential part of skin treatment. Men have a huge head start on this just from the shaving process. Specific products and therapeutic facials enhance this process and the results. An exciting, relatively new technology call microdermabrasion is especially useful in men for this purpose.
  • Skin that is too shiny doesn't look healthy, just greasy. Blot the excess oils away. Blotting papers or a light powder that will give you a more natural finish, are both good options to try. Our customized products will decrease the oil production and concealers will help also.
  • Sun damage leads to hyperpigmentation (brown spots) which can develop into serious skin disease. Excessive exposure can also exaggerate and thicken fine lines. Use at least an SPF 30 or higher on all exposed skin, especially on your face. Our skin lightening treatment program uses products specially designed to decrease pigmentation if you have them. We will pick the best sun protection product for you.

Shaving Tips

  • It is best to shave after you get out of the shower (or even while you're still in there). There are many fog proof mirrors on the market. This is when your pores are open and hairs can be shaved the closest and cleanest.
  • Make sure the razor is clean. If you use disposable blades, make sure you change them often, not just when they are dull. A pivoting head razor is a bit more forgiving to your curves and irregularities.
  • Prepare the skin by washing with warm water and your cleanser. In addition to your shaving cream, it will leave an invisible film to help your razor glide on your face.
  • Next, especially if you have a tough beard or razor irritation, soak a washcloth in very warm water and place the cloth directly on your face, covering your beard. Sit quietly somewhere for a few minutes if you can. Leave it there for at least a few minutes. This moist heat will soften your whiskers and your skin, and reduce or eliminate razor burn.
  • Lather your shaving cream with firm but gentle pressure, moving the lather AGAINST the grain. This is sort of coaxing will help the hairs to get up off the surface of your face.
  • Fill your sink with very warm (again, not hot) water and lather if you use a manual razor
  • While it seems like going against the grain gives you a closer shave, it's really more irritating. The hair grows back thicker and tougher. Shave with the grain and in a few weeks, once your beard is "trained" you will get a closer, smoother shave.
  • Dip your razor often into the sink of hot water, and use shorter strokes. Doing this will decrease cuts or nicks.
  • As you shave pull your skin taut with your free hand in the area you are shaving. This moves you hair follicles straight up and pulls them away from your skin, making it easier for the razor to shave them and giving you a closer shave.

Understand how as a man, your skin and your needs are unique. We are specially prepared with particular expertise, services and products to help you with this.