UltraContourTM is not time consuming, one treatment takes under one hour. The treatment by UltraContourTM could be done even over a lunch break and has a sure effect. 3 - 6 treatments are sufficient. The average loss by applying 1-6 treatments is of a few radius centimeters. Naturally, we also have to consider the patient's proportions. The loss is greater with larger patients and smaller with the thinner ones but more visible. What should not be forgotten is also the health benefit of the treatment. Lymph-drainage also eases the "clogged" lymphatic glands and enables not only the drainage of the dissolved fat but also the bad substances sediments form the body. More passable lymphatic system also speeds up the metabolism so the patient "feels better".


  • Do you care about your appearance and do you follow what is new in esthetic medicine?

    Would you like to get rid of the extra fat patties but you are afraid of the drastic liposuction? Did you know that now it can be done with ultrasound? And without pain. New to the world, offering an effective and painless alternative to the liposuction, here comes UltraContourTM.

  • Who would not like to kill the occasional little bit of "fat"?

    UltraContourTM is a hit especially because it is not time demanding, the treatment does not cause pain. At the same time it is comparable with some much more complicated and more painful surgical operations requiring a long re-convalescence time.

  • What is actually UltraContourTM?

    It is a non-invasive form of liposuction done by a highly focused ultrasound causing the fatty cells to break down to dissolve and detach from the body. It is also proven that the treatment influences only the target structure which is the fatty tissue. Other structures stay untouched (veins, nerves, muscles).

  • How is the treatment conducted?

    Treatment has two phases. The first one resembles a regular ultrasound examination. An experienced and educated nurse moves an ultrasound "mouse" about the problematic part of the body which is smeared with a conductive gel. The "mouse" radiates ultrasound impulses, which break down the fatty cells. During the second phase, ultrasound probes are attached onto the body and they provide ultrasound drainage massage. That way the "broken down" fat is routed to the lymphatic system and removed from the body in a natural way.

  • How long does the treatment take?

    The whole procedure does not take more than one hour.


  • Which parts of the body are the most suitable for the treatment and for a assured result?

    The most common treatment with UltraContourTM is of the abdomen, waist-sides, buttocks and the thighs. The fatty cells are diminished effectively.

  • Can you repeat the UltraContourTM treatment?

    Yes, we recommend 3 - 6 repetitions in 4 - 14 day intervals. Treatment in one week-intervals is ideal. Fat loss is gradual.

  • Is the result of UltraContourTM treatment long-lasting?

    The fatty cells are diminished forever. However if the nutritional diet is overly "bad" then the remaining cells have the tendency to swell.

  • Who are ideal clients suitable for the UltraContourTM treatment?

    This method is suitable for everyone, who wants to get rid of the localized extensive fat. It is also suitable for elderly clients who are not recommended the regular liposuction due to the lower elasticity of skin and the risk of the creation of uneven dents. By the gradual loss achieved by the UltraContourTM treatment no harm is done to the elasticity of the skin.

  • Who cannot or even must not be treated with UltraContourTM?

    The physician always evaluates whether the UltraContourTM treatment is suitable. General contradictions are metabolic disorders, hepatitis suffered in the past, metal implants in the spot of application, dermatological rashes and ulcers, nursing and pregnancy.

  • Are there any special recommendations when treated with UltraContourTM ?

    We recommend cutting down on animal fat consumption because after the treatment the body is overloaded with them for a few days while trying to discharge them. The daily fluid intake should be 2 - 3 liters of water. There is no other special recommendation.

  • The advantages of the UltraContourTM fat reduction:
    • No anesthetics and after-surgery pain, no blood clogs or swelling
    • No risk of creation of skin and under-skin dents
    • No elastic stockings (these must be worn after the classical liposuction for about a month)
  • The disadvantages of the UltraContourTM fat reduction against the tumescent liposuction:

    It is usually impossible to coordinate large fat excess or the treatment requires a significant amount of repetitions.

  • Is it possible to tune the shape of the body with the help of the UltraContourTM technology?

    The treatment is also suitable for smoothing the cragginess of the skin after the surgical liposuction. It can be applied two month after the surgical liposuction as a mild retouch.

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*Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person.